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French Bubbly

French Bubbly
Méthode Traditionelle NV

This is the kind of bubbly you give to your future in-laws, boss or lawyers if you want to swing things your way...

This French bubbly is profoundly delicious. It's made exactly the same way as Champagne, however its not made in the Champagne region so it's not allowed to be called "Champagne", instead, we use the term "Méthode Traditionelle". Tastes like its somewhere in-between Deutz & Moët.


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This Grande Réserve was made in the heart of the famous Burgundy wine-growing region using the traditional method with secondary fermentation in bottle.

Méthode Traditionelle NV
Location: Burgundy, France
11.5% alc / 750mL / Champagne Cork
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