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Pinot Gris (Organic)

Pinot Gris (Organic)
Marlborough 2018

Liquid happiness that brings giggles of joy with every sip. Absolutely divine!

We think the recipient of this gift will A-gris.

(See what we did there)

Hey - you can't go wrong with Pinot Gris as a gift, its a nice safe option & this beautiful drop is made from certified organic grapes + we've taken all the hard work out of finding a really nice one. This Gris is fabulous, full of flavour, lovely aroma, an absolute delight. Please don't buy any... its too nice to sell, we want to keep it all for ourselves.


Grapes for this wine are sourced from organic vineyards in Marlborough. Being organic, the grapes build up a natural resistance to the elements. This produces thick skins where much of the flavour is produced. The canopies were open allowing sunshine and a flow of air which is perfect for producing great Pinot Gris.

The growing season was mild with the last month before picking being fantastic conditions. The grapes were picked early April and allocated into different parcels for fermentation allowing a range of components for blending. Parcels of wine were selected for blending that produced a varietal and classic Pinot Gris. All components were kept on yeast lees as long as possible until blending, adding greater flavour and softness to the wine.

This wine has flavours of pear and spice which are typical of this famous wine region. It has great drinkability due to the freshness on the palate.

Location: Marlborough, New Zealand
13% alc / 750mL / Screwcap
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