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Rosé (Pinot Noir)

Rosé (Pinot Noir)
Wairarapa 2018

"A cowboy jumped on his horse & rode around in all directions, madly" This positively describes the flavours jumping around inside this bottle. Its bursting with summery flavours.

Speeding tickets is what this Rosé gets, because it sells out way too fast.

Outrageously powerful juicy-fruit-bomb of flavour explodes on your palate. Of the hundreds of Rosés we've sampled, this is hands down, by far, one of the best we've tried. Finding magnificent wines like this one is what makes our job exciting.


Aromas of fresh strawberries & raspberries with a mouthwatering taste of summer fruits & a creamy texture.

Location: Wairarapa, New Zealand
14.5% alc / 750mL / Screwcap
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