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General FAQs about personalised wine

We're always here to help, you can either flick us an email or for a faster option, check out the answers below to our customer's most commonly asked questions:

Can I ship to multiple addresses?
Yes you can. One order, multiple addresses. We can help you knock out your entire client list in one go, just supply us with a list of names + addresses and we'll take care of the rest.
How do I change the photo in a label template?
Step 1: Click "Add an Image" & select the photo you want to upload.
Step 2: Position your photo over the area you want it to be.
Step 3: Click the "Send Backwards" button to jostle your photo behind the other imagery.
When will I receive my order?
We deliver faster than anyone else and if you live in Auckland we can have your order completed & delivered within 1 business day... All orders placed before 12:00pm are shipped out the same business day; and orders placed after 12:00pm are shipped the next morning on the first courier pickup cycle. Delivery addresses located closer to WineTime's National Dispatch Warehouse will receive their parcel(s) faster than delivery addresses in the South Island, for this reason we ask you to please allow 1 - 3 business days for delivery. If you require urgent delivery we can make this happen, please contact us to discuss rates.
Is there a minimum order size?
No there is not. You can order as little as one bottle of personalised wine.
Where can I see labels that I've made in the past?
If you click your profile icon on the top right hand side of the menu, you can see all your saved labels.
Can I make multiple copies of an existing label?
Yes you can. Often our customers want to use one label design that they've created, but they want to change the names on each individual bottle of wine. To make an exact copy of your personalised label, save your personalised label and a pop up box will appear providing you with the option to "Duplicate This Label", if you click this button, your original personalised label design will be saved to your profile and you'll then begin making changes to the new label; this process can be repeated as many times as required.
Do you offer a discount for large bulk orders?
Yes. We are happy to sharpen the pencil for big orders.
Can I buy just the labels and not the wine?
No. We are wine merchants, not a print shop.
Can WineTime design a label for me?
Yes we can. We have a team of top graphic design artists who can make you a few options for a one off fee of $55. Just provide us with any imagery, text, general requirements & we'll get back to you with some options.
How can I match font colour with a font in a new text box?
Inside the label builder, when you click a text box, you'll notice in the box where you select a colour that there is a six digit combination of numbers & letters which changes every time you select a different colour; this code can be copied & pasted into a new text box as a quick way to perfectly match font colour in different text boxes.