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You'll score major brownie points with the person who receives this moorishly addictive Port. Its down right yummy. Our goal is to have great drops that'll have you coming back for more & we're proud of this one. It's truly something special & to be perfectly honest, its too good to give away - toss one in the shopping basket for yourself.


This Reserve Tawny Port is made from specially selected parcels of grapes, which are fermented, fortified and aged in old French barriques. Started in 1992, this "Solera System" produces a non-vintage blend of all the subsequent vintages. A tawny style, mahogany in colour, with aromas of rich dried fruits, chocolate, coffee and a hint of nuts, with a spicy sweet finish. Aged for many years in barrels, once the bottle is open, the port can be kept in a decanter or the bottle without detriment. The screwcap closure preserves freshness and ensures reliable bottle maturation.

Location: Waipara, New Zealand
18% alc / 750mL / Screwcap
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